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  • Non Toxic.
  • More Effective.
  • Lower Cost.
  • Clinical Quality.
  • Vegan Source.
  • Available WorldWide.
  • Rationale for the design of a novel tool for immunotherapy. Ruggiero M, Pacini S. Switzerland 27 Aug 2018, Integrative Cancer Science and Therapeutics, pages 1-5.

  • A Novel potential Adjuvant for Cancer Vaccines. Ruggiero M, Pacini S. 29 Sept 2018, Madridge Journal of Vaccines, Vol. 2, pages 58-62.

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This website is accessible from many geographical locations, and the information that it provides regarding imuno® is not applicable to, nor intended to satisfy the requirements of all countries. imuno Corporation supplies imuno® to distributers throughout the world and does not make any claims regarding the use of these products and each distributor is responsible for ensuring that the claims made for and use of imuno® comply with the regulatory requirement of the locations in which it markets these products.

imuno® is produced under licence in a pharmaceutical facility which is audited by Medsafe, a division of the Ministry of Health of New Zealand, to both GMP and Pharmacy Standards NZ.

  • imuno® is a new formula, based on past experiences and scientific principles, that represents a quantum leap, when compared to previous formulas.

  • imuno® contains a patented component that is almost twice as effective as, and much purer than the functionally comparable component of similar formulas.

  • imuno® is revolutionary. It does not contain any product of animal or human origin, at variance with similar formulas.

  • imuno® is designed by Molecular Biologist, Dr Marco Ruggiero, MD. PhD. Author of peer-reviewed scientific papers on immunotherapy and quantum biology.

  • imuno® is available for delivery World Wide.

imuno® is the elegant solution. It is the revolutionary supra-molecular structure that reproduces the self-assembly of cell components. This delivers the combined molecules, at the same time, at the required dose, to their biologic targets, and produces powerful support. Also, the manufacturing process for imuno® is meticulous and time-consuming, and it is not technically possible to get the same result by simply mixing the ingredients together since the procedure follows a proprietary algorithm based on biologic negentropy.


Natural Solutions NZ Ltd.
40 St Benedicts Street,
Newton, Auckland 1010,
New Zealand.
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Totech Shanghai.
Room 1410 Block B, No.18, Taolin Road,
Shanghai 200135, P.R.China.


Totech Japan Ltd.
1-2-5F United Asian, Tomiyama-cho,
Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, 101-0043 Japan.


LIFECORE Institute of Bio Integrative Medicine.
8F, Ore Central Towers,
9th Avenue corner 31st Street,
Bonifacio Global City Taguig 1634,
The Philippines.


Brasil-American Academy for Integrative & Regenerative Medicine.
Prof. Dr. Paul Ling Tai
24141 Ann Arbor Trail,
Dearborn Heights, Michigan 48127,
United States.


Drakes Lane Industrial Estate,
Unit 1 Drakes Lane,
Boreham Essex CM3 3BE,
United Kingdom.
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Oxygen Health Systems LLC.
2154 Oak Ct
Naperville, Illinois 60565,
United States.
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Healthy Energetics LLC.
La Cita Area,
Titusville, Florida 32780,
United States.
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Clinical Trial Opportunities