CANCER - the underlying cause and what to do about it.

Cancer Statistics (USA)

The below graph from the USA National Cancer Institute SEER website, shows that the incidence of cancer, and the mortality rate, closely follow each other. This is to say that modern medicine, has made little or no progress in the treatment of cancer.

Cancer incidence and death rate. USA 1992 to 2020

This clearly indicates that the current mainstream approach to cancer is faulty. We are not winning the war against cancer. The current dogma – that cancer is a genetic disease – is incorrect.

Investigating the Cause of Cancer

Scientists at Tulane University, in Louisiana, replaced the nuclei of healthy fertilised frog eggs with the nuclei of frog cancer cells. Of the frogs that grew none of them developed cancer.1

If cancer were a genetic disease, ruled by the oncogenes in the nuclei, then the frogs that grew should have developed cancer.

Next, scientists at the US Institute of Cancer Research cloned healthy mice from the nucleus of a tumour cell and thereby concluded that it was not possible that genetic mutations are driving cancer.2

Later studies by different scientists support the same conclusion, that cancer is NOT a genetic disease.

What is the Role of Mitochondria?

The answer becomes clear when we consider the results of another group of scientists at the Baylor College of Medicine in Texas. They placed healthy mitochondria into cancerous cells and found this reversed cancer in the cell.3 (Note: Mitochondria are the organelles of your cells in which the processes of respiration and energy production occur.)

Another group of scientists at UAM University in Madrid, found healthy mitochondria can suppress cancer despite the presence of a genetically damaged cell nucleus that would normally generate cancer.4

All this clearly indicates that cancer is caused by damage to the mitochondria in cells and that healthy mitochondria can reverse cancer. However, cancer is also a manifestation of malfunctions in immunity, as malignant cells manage to escape recognition and elimination by the immune system.

Mitochondria in human cell

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