imuno® THE SOLUTION - GcMAF Made Better

  • Shake well before using. Store in a cool, dry place (Refrigerate after opening). Keep out of direct sunlight.

  • Each 3 ml Vial Contains Approx: 15 x 0.2ml servings.

  • Adult Serving Size: 0.2 ml (4 drops) daily. (maximum dose 0.5 ml daily)

  • Each 1 ml Vial Contains Approx: 20 x 0.05ml servings.

  • Child Serving Size: 0.05 ml (1 drop) twice a week. (maximum dose 0.25 ml daily)
imuno 3ml vial and outer dietary supplement label

imuno 1ml vial and outer dietary supplement label

  • Superior Immune Support (BE WELL).

  • Superior Endocannabinoid Receptor Support (FEEL WELL).

  • Superior Mitochondrial Support (HAVE ENERGY).

  • Superior Lymphatic Drainage Support (A BETTER FLOW).

  • imuno® is 100+ times more potent than pure GcMAF

imuno® is designed by Molecular Biologist, Dr Marco Ruggiero, MD. PhD. Author of peer-reviewed scientific papers on immunotherapy and quantum biology.

imuno® is produced under licence in a pharmaceutical facility which is audited by Medsafe, a division of the Ministry of Health of New Zealand, to both GMP and Pharmacy Standards NZ.

imuno® is the elegant solution. It is the revolutionary supra-molecular structure that reproduces the self-assembly of cell components. This delivers the combined molecules, at the same time, at the required dose, to their biologic targets, and produces powerful support. Also, the manufacturing process for imuno® is meticulous and time-consuming, and it is not technically possible to get the same result by simply mixing the active ingredients together since the procedure follows a proprietary algorithm based on biologic negentropy.

imuno® THE SOLUTION - How to Administer

  • Shake well to homogenize the emulsion (product separation is typical and no quality defect).

  • Prise the plastic flip-top disk from the top of the vial.

  • Remove the paper backing from the vial adapter and push the vial into the vial adapter. The plastic spike will pierce the grey stopper visible in the centre of the metal top, and the adapter will clip into place. Remove the vial and the installed adapter from the plastic packaging.

  • Push the closed syringe firmly into the top of the vial adapter (depressing the blue rubber valve).

  • Invert the vial with syringe underneath and draw the syringe open to the required amount (i.e. 0.2 ml).

  • Remove the syringe from the vial adapter. The valve will close and seal the vial/adapter on syringe removal. Store the vial upright.

  • Use the required dose from the syringe.

  • imuno vial adapter and syringe installed on vial
  • Every division on the supplied 1ml needleless syringe equals 0.02ml, with major divisions numbered at each 0.1ml.

imuno® - Oral Administering

  • imuno® is a sterile, slightly thick and cloudy liquid of indistinct taste and may be used as an oral dietary supplement.

  • Squirt required dose into mouth.

  • Hold in mouth for 30 to 60 seconds and then swallow.

  • imuno® is best taken on an empty stomach (2 hours after or 30 minutes before food).

imuno® - Skin Application

  • imuno® is pH neutral and may be used as a moisturizing anti-wrinkle cosmetic.

  • Squirt a drop or two onto the end of your clean finger.

  • Rub imuno® gently into facial wrinkles.

imuno® THE SOLUTION - Safety & Off-Label Use

  • Chondroitin Sulfate has a blood thinning effect similar to heparin, so when taking larger doses (0.4 ml +), people on anticoagulant drugs, are advised to be under medical supervision.

  • imuno® is pH neutral and sterile due to the requirement to microsize the formulation.

  • Being pH neutral and sterile also means imuno® is safe to use in all the ways that your doctor may prescribe. Please ask your doctor for advice.